Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I just had to share the fun new book I picked up yesterday. It was on the discount table at Barnes and Noble, titled BACK IN THE DAY: 101 Things Everyone Used to Know How to Do.

I ask you, how could I be expected to pass by a book that makes the following promise:

"In no time, you'll be able to fight with a rapier and dagger, thatch a roof, plow a field, wear a Roman toga, lay siege to a castle, pluck a chicken, hurl a battleax, make a fire without matches, and embalm a body."

Wow. How could I not buy it?

Excuse me for now. There are so many other things I could be doing: making mead, keeping wild bees, caring for a battle wound, making a Roman mosaic, forging a sword, or roasting a wild boar.

But I think I'll go hunt up my battleax first. I feel like hurling something.


Katie said...

Now you are my offical "person I need in an emergency"! How can I pass on honey, weaponry and fashion combined?

Sherise said...

Embalm a body? Seriously? Well, I guess that would come in handy after hurling the battleax.

Laura A. said...

I'm trying to envision a situation in which I'd want to embalm a body. Battleax, sure, that's useful--but what am I supposed to do with an embalmed body? Where is that useful?