Friday, July 24, 2009


1. I have 57 books on my To-Be-Read shelves. Two of those I bought yesterday, even though I had absolutely, positively sworn I would not buy another book until I'd read at least 10 of the ones waiting for me. "Hello, my name is Laura, and I'm a bookaholic."

2. I loathe cooking. Especially in summer.

3. I have gained back five pounds of the 15 I lost last year.

4. I am days, if not weeks, behind in my email.

5. Since running the 5K in May, I haven't done a single run of more than a mile since.

6. I haven't done any writing in the month of July.

And the deepest, darkest confession of all . . .

7. I don't care.

Well, I care. I just don't care enough to fix it. Any of it. (Except the books--I do continue to read, as well as buy, books.)

But everything else takes energy--physical, mental, emotional--to get started. And it's the getting started that I've always had trouble with. Overcoming the inertia of an object at rest always seems more trouble than it's worth.

Except that I know it is worth it. And then I feel guilty. Which is an energy drain in and of itself.

Are you seeing the vicious circle?

So if I'm going to confess publicly, I might as well take shameless advantage of publicity and resolve to jump start the inertia now.

So . . .

By July 31st I will:

1. Do a 30-minute run.

2. Cook something more complex than scrambled eggs.

3. Write. Something. Anything.

See you in a week!

(The exclamation point is an attempt to care.)


Sherise said...

#3: Me too! Lost 15, gained 5 back, but at least I'm holding steady at that number.

#1: Ooh, what's on the shelf that looks interesting? You're my go-to person for book recommendations.

laura said...

My problem is that they ALL look interesting. Which is how they made it on the shelf in the first place.

Anonymous said...


1. I won't ever promise to not buy another book. I love them and it is a mentally expanding not an evil habit. Though buying them on sale is probably a good idea :)

2. In these hard economic times, buying precooked food is my way of helping the suffering small business community. Not cooking in the summer keeps the house cooler and reduces power consumption.

3. I've managed to keep off ten of the pounds I lost last year--which is great! Some people bounce back in a month.

4. Email is a time suck that I am wise enough to resist.

5. I ran a lot this spring, but summer is for other things.

. . . the rest are up to you. Personally, I spend too much time writing and reading my email, so I guess we balance each other off. And as soon as I think about dieting, I start eating all kinds of bad stuff--it is fustrating.

Katydid said...

I like scrambled eggs with cheese!