Wednesday, March 05, 2008


And none too soon for my sanity.

Although admittedly, some of my insanity is caused by getting ready to leave for four days.

Tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m., I'll be on the road to Denver with my friend, Katie. We're headed to Left Coast Crime which is not, as you might think, a gathering of mobsters. Nope, it's a good old-fashioned conference for lovers of mysteries. There are panels geared to both writers and readers, a banquet on Saturday night, and lots of people who will NOT ask "Where do you find time to read?" or "Are you sure you need that many books?"

My teenager was making fun of me when he heard about the trip.

"Denver? Denver? That sounds . . . exciting." (That last word positively dripped with sarcasm)

"Why yes," I answered. "Hotel, restaurant, books, and no kids. I may never come home."

But I suppose I have to. I get to spend next Monday night in the hospital with my second son for chemo.

I think I'd better enjoy Denver while I have the chance.


Katie said...

Writing this at 4:30 am. Ready to go. Bags packed. Diet Coke beginning to course through my system. I'm ready! Hey I'm going to Denver, that's ...exciting!

Sherise said...

Wait, Denver sounds . . . exciting? Matt, honey, you live in Utah County; you know what they say about people in glass houses. Hope you had fun at the conference!

JessK said...

Have fun! I'm glad you get a break, short though it may be.