Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I attended another concert last weekend, with another child. As opposed to Blaqk Audio, this performer is one a few more people have heard of. In fact, so many people have heard of her that some tickets in some cities were selling for 2000 dollars apiece.

Hannah Montana.

Actually, Hannah Montana is the alter ego of Miley Cyrus, daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus of Achy-Breaky Heart fame. Disney Channel launched her to fame this last year in her own television series where Miley is a regular 14-year-old girl in school, and only a few people know that she's also world-famous pop star Hannah Montana. Now, of course, has come the album and tour.

First, the concert was in lieu of throwing my daughter a party for her 9th birthday next month. And in lieu of several presents.

Second, I am not telling you how much I paid for tickets. It's none of your business. (Although, to preserve my dignity, I will tell you I paid considerably--way considerably--less than top price.)

Third, I enjoyed myself. Does this mean I have no standards? Or, as I prefer to believe, does it mean that I'm capable of finding pleasure in almost any situation?

My oldest son asked me which concert I liked better--Blaqk Audio or Hannah Montana.

On the side of Hannah Montana--I got an actual seat to sit in. And I brought a book to read during intermisison.

On the side of Blaqk Audio--way more interesting people to watch. Everyone at Hannah Montaha looked pretty much like everyone else. Lots of moms of a certain age, lots of pre-teen girls who shrieked a lot, and an occasional father who was the very definition of longsuffering. There were no fishnets, no corsets, no persons-of-uncertain-gender.

Honestly, where is that Mother of the Year award?


Judy said...

2 concerts in one year just for your are the mom of the year. I am heading to that concert on the 12 in San Antonio...5 hour drive from here..with 3 other moms and 10 other kids......

Laura A. said...

Wow! That's way more committed than me. I'm only a great mom when it's convenient :)

If anyone gets around to sending me the Mother of the Year award, I'm passing it on to you!